Inside Al-Bayt Stadium: Elegant Designed Qatari Football Stadium for FIFA World Cup 2022

Al-Bayt Stadium is the most elegant and uniquely designed Qatar Soccer Stadium for FIFA Cup 2022.
This stadium is located in the Al khor city in the northern Qatar, this city will Host Football World Cup 2022 and will Welcome People from all around the Word, To entertain them and let them to explore the Qatari culture.

Arabic name of Stadium is استاد البيت

Al Bayt Stadium Design

The design of Al bayt Stadium is elegant and unique this stadium will be the role model of green development this is likely to become a role model for the future construction of the football stadiums you can say this will be the first class and best venue for 2022 FIFA World Cup Qatar.

Huge tent structure will cover the whole stadium this will not only cover the stadium but will also help to control the temperature of the Stadium this will save electricity too this portable tent makes the stadium more beautiful.

Al Bayt Capacity60,000
Al Bayt Stadium CostAround €770 million
Al Bayt ArchitectAlbert Speer Jr
Al Bayt Stadium Construction End DateSeptember 2018
Al bayt ContractorSalini Impregilo, Galfar, Cimolai, Hightex
LocationAl Khor, Qatar
al bayt Stadium 2022 Pictures
al bayt for fifa world cup qatar

Outside the Al bayt Stadium

Outside of the stadium there is huge playground for children’s and families to enjoy before and after the match.

Al bayt Construction

Currently this stadium is under construction and likely to be completed in September 2018.

Al bayt Stadium Contractor are

Salini Impregilo, Galfar, Cimolai, Hightex

Al bayt Stadium Location

Al-Bayt Stadium
Al-Bayt Stadium(استاد البيت)is uniquely designed Qatar Stadium for FIFA Cup 2022,located in the Al khor city.Construction will end in Sep 2018
Al Khor, Qatar
P.O. Box: 017
Al Khor, Qatar
Phone: N.A
Fax: N.A


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