Get Qatar Stars League Tickets: How to Buy, Cheap Qatar Stadium Tickets

Here is the all necessary detail You should know before buying Qatar Stars League Ticket (تذاكر المباريات)You can buy cheap Qatar Stadium Tickets, there are three categories to buy tickets for QSL. General Admission, Premium Seating, VIP Seating. It’s your choice you can buy tickets of any category.

Children Under 10 can get Free Tickets.

Price of Ticket According to Category

General Admission

  • You can buy general admission tickets for 10 QAR.

Premium Tickets

  • You can buy Premium Seating Tickets for QSL Just For 20 QAR.
  • By buying this ticket you can sit left and right to the VIP Sitting area of Qatar Stadium and you can get excess to the stadium cafeteria too.

VIP Tickets

  • VIP Tickets are Available For just 50 QAR.
  • These tickets include Free Parking and Hospitality.


You can buy Qatar Stars League Tickets 1 hour before the match or you can directly purchase from the Venue.
Below you can find Ticket Sale Points of Stars League.

Stadium NameGeneral TicketPremium TicketVIP Ticket
Grand HamadGates 4 & 5VIP EntranceVIP Entrance
Al KhorGates 4 and 5VIP EntranceVIP Entrance
Thani Bin JassimBetween Gates 7 and 8Gates 1 and 2VIP Entrance
Jassim Bin HamadGates 5 and 6VIP EntranceVIP Entrance
Abdullah Bin KhalifaGate 3Gate 5VIP Entrance
Hamad Bin KhalifaGates 4 and 5VIP EntranceVIP Entrance
Suhaim Bin HamadGates 4 and 5VIP EntranceVIP Entrance

Can I Purchase Tickets Online?

No, you can’t purchase your QNB Stars League Tickets online as you have to purchase it on the match day from the stadium or directly from the sports club.


Prohibit Items To Take in Stadium

These items are Prohibited to carry with you in stadium during the Stars League Match, this is according to Qatar stadium security Policy.

Prohibted items of QSL Stadium Tickets


Payment Method for Tickets

You can purchase your tickets either by cash or by paying through your credit/debit card at the match day in Qatar Stadium ticketing office.


Can I get free Parking?

Yes, you can get free parking if you have VIP Ticket but for other two categories tickets you cant park your car for free you have to pay for parking.

Qatar Stars League Tickets
All The Detail You Should know before buying Qatar Stars League Tickets (تذاكر المباريات) You can Buy Cheap QSL Stadium Tickets.
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Model: Football League
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